Qualifications for registration as a Paramedic

The process to see paramedics as registered health professionals moves along  – see this post from ‘The Paramedic Observer’ https://www.facebook.com/ParamedProf/posts/1308854855824931. The Summary of the Draft Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment Law 2017 attached to that post says: Approved qualifications for paramedicine will be decided by the National Board in accordance with the usual arrangements […]

Compensation for loss of personal effects

This question comes from a NSW emergency services volunteer: I’m wondering if this is something you can look into. I’ve recently been advised that personal items lost/damage etc are not covered by agency insurance. Compensation for volunteers in NSW emergency services is governed by the Workers Compensation (Bush Fire, Emergency and Rescue Services) Act 1987 […]

Unlicensed driver of an emergency vehicle

This question comes from NSW but the answer will be the same nationwide.   The question relates to … NSW RFS driving SOPS and law on the potential use of an driver for a truck whereby the driver doesn’t have an adequate licence level (e.g. the driver may only have a car licence). While it may […]

NT Paramedics and the mentally ill

A paramedic from the Northern Territory writes: I’ve had a number of Mental Health patients recently and still have some confusion on involuntary detainment, treatment and emergency management.  As it stands in the NT, Paramedics treat mental health patients, however we cannot section them, initiate a Section 9 nor 42, and need Police assistance if […]