Can you keep politics out of the CFA/UFU/VFBV dispute?

Here’s an interesting question, most of which I can’t answer but I’ll make some comments.  My correspondent is a volunteer fire fighter in Victoria.  She says: I have some questions, my understanding is that the above bill allows VFBV to be represented when EBAs are negotiated between CFA and UFU, is that correct? Notwithstanding that, […]

No liability for NSW Ambulance accident

On 14 October 2016, Judge Taylor of the District Court of NSW handed down a decision in Logar v Ambulance Service of New South Wales Sydney Region [2016] NSWDC 255 (and thank you Bill Madden, solicitor with Slater and Gordon for brining this to my attention).  The case deals with an accident that occurred in […]

My latest publication

I’m pleased to report that the Research Handbook on Disasters and International Law, edited by Susan C. Breau and Katja L.H. Samuel both of the University of Reading (UK) has now been published.     I had the pleasure of contributing chapter 16 on ‘The international law of wildfires’ to this publication and I’m grateful to […]

Seat belts for those in need of rescue

This question comes from a NSW SES Volunteer who has found that: … three times over the past five years I’ve been in the position that I’ve needed, while operational, to put casualties in my vehicle exceeding the number of passengers and in two of those time I have put kids under the age of […]

Consent, first aid and minors in Queensland

I’m asked this question by a first aid instructor from Queensland. As part of first aid training we talk about consent and the need for patients to provide consent (where possible) before first aid is delivered. I understand that consent in not required when the patient is unable to provide this, such as unconsciousness. My […]