Maximum speed when responding with a trailer in tow, in NSW

This question relates to … the maximum speed at which a trailer can be towed under response conditions SES GLR accredited unit (rule 306). For the purpose of the argument let’s assume that we have level 3 swift water technicians responding to persons trapped by rising floodwater, The driver is a NSW SES level 3 […]

4WD Rescue or Recovery

This is a long post so I’ve put the relevant questions in bold: I have a few questions for you regarding the operation of social media organised ‘rescue’ services for off-road enthusiasts. I am not involved in anyway involved with the groups described, nor do I purport to offer such a service. I’ve been aware […]

Training in emergency driving procedures.

Following my earlier post – Council Lifesavers and Accreditation under the State Emergency And Rescue Management Act 1989 (NSW) (January 7, 2017) a commentator said ‘a competency course is required for anyone who drives a vehicle classed as an emergency vehicle. This certification is required by police, ambulance and fire brigades.’    This question specifically deals […]