The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that there has been a judgement in the long running litigation arising from the Sydney bushfires of Christmas 2001 (see ‘Compo claim for bushfire thrown out; and thanks to my colleague Dr Geoff Cary for bringing this to my attention).

According to the report the judgement has found in favour of the defendants, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.  The judgement does not, yet, appear on the online databases at NSW Caselaw or AustLII but I’m sure it will be posted in the next day or two.  Apparently it is over 700 pages long so it will take some time, once it is online, to read it and consider His Honour’s reasons and any potential wider application of the judgement.

In the meantime the plaintiffs will, I’m sure, be taking time to consider their options and whether there are any grounds to appeal and whether they want to, or can afford to, take it further.

Michael Eburn

27 June 2012.