The Hon. Jim Dempsey, Minister for Police and Community Safety has announced that former AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty will review the police, emergency and corrective services.


A Google search reveals plenty of others also carrying the same story.  The most comprehensive report that I’ve seen is:

Mick Keelty appears to be making quite a career in this area, having reviewed two significant Perth bushfires before this current appointment.    We will keep an eye on this review and see what recommendations come out.

Given the extensive reporting on the review, there is little that I can add at this stage, so my contribution is to reproduce the Hansard that records the Minister’s announcement to the Parliament.

Hon. JM DEMPSEY (Bundaberg—LNP) (Minister for Police and Community Safety) (9.50 am): (9.50 am): I am pleased to announce a major review of the Queensland police, corrective and emergency services. A review of this magnitude has not occurred in emergency services for more than a decade, and nearly 20 years in police. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure Queensland has the best police, emergency and corrective services possible, not just now but for decades to come. This review will investigate current organisational structures, decision making, emergency response capabilities and interagency cooperation while making certain the state’s 20,000 professional and 40,000 volunteer emergency services staff are supported by the best operational procedures.

We want to ensure Queensland continues its proud history of first-class emergency services, and this review will allow us to compare and contrast national and international service delivery models. I want the world to look at Queensland for the best emergency management practices. I want people to look at Queensland for new and innovative ideas.

To get the best results we need the best people, and I am delighted to announce the appointment of former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty to head this review. To help future-proof these organisations I can think of no-one better to lead such a significant review. Mr Keelty has vast experience in leadership in policing and emergency management, especially while at the helm of the Australian Federal Police, and is well-recognised and respected amongst emergency services experts. Mr Keelty led the Australian Federal Police during some of Australia’s most defining moments in modern history, such as the Bali bombing, and since his retirement as the Australian Federal Police Commissioner has continued to contribute to international security on the world stage. Assisting Mr Keelty with this review will be senior and respected members of the Queensland Police Service and the Department of Community Safety. Together as a team they will help shape the future of this state’s emergency response.

I reiterate that Queensland currently has some of the best emergency operational capabilities in the world, of which we are all proud. Our many professionals and volunteers do an outstanding job. We saw that during cyclones Yasi and Larry and the state’s 2010 and 2011 floods. This review is about Queensland being the leaders in policing and community safety. It is not about following the world; it is about leading the world. Mr Keelty will commence his review immediately and will present me with his findings mid next year. I look forward to his recommendations.

Queensland, Parliamentary Debates, Legislative Assembly, 29 November 2012, 2949-2950, (Hon. Jim Dempsey).

Michael Eburn