Following my previous post – (Changes at the top (December 19, 2014)) I see that the Canberra Times has reported on the resignation of the ACT Chief Officer (Urban Fire) – Christopher Knaus, ‘Fire chief accused ESA commissioner of bullying and then quit months later‘ Canberra Times (Online) 19 December 2014.  The story reports:

ACT Fire and Rescue chief officer Paul Swain lodged a bullying complaint against his own boss, Emergency Services Commissioner Dominic Lane, in the middle of this year.

The allegations were formally investigated and found to be unsubstantiated in an independent process which was subsequently reviewed by WorkSafe ACT.

But the fact Mr Swain even made the formal complaint, regardless of its veracity, has raised concerns that a seemingly fractious relationship existed between two of the ACT’s most critical emergency services officers.

Mr Swain quit the agency early this month, leaving Canberra’s urban firefighters without a permanent chief officer at the start of summer.

In a follow up story, it is reported that the newly appointed ‘Emergency Services Minister Joy Burch has reiterated her support for the ACT Emergency Services Agency’ – Megan Gorrey, ‘Joy Burch backs ACT Emergency Services Agency after claims of senior leadership ructions‘ Camberra Times (Online) 22 December 2014.