Australian Emergency Law

Discussion on the law that applies to or affects Australia's emergency services and emergency management, by Michael Eburn, PhD and Barrister.

Journal articles and other academic writing

Refereed journals





Non-refereed journals, policy submissions and other academic writing





  • Good Samaritans and Volunteers‘ (2004) 8 Australian Civil Liability 93-97.
  • ‘Focus on Crime’, HSC Study Video, University of New England, June 2003.


Case notes & book reviews

Media publications

  • Sherele Moody ‘Firefighters need a proper compensation plan, says expert’ The Daily Examiner, 6th Aug 2015.
  • Interview regarding building controls in fire prone areas, The Project,Channel 10, 3 February 2014.
  • Bushfire CRC Webinar, ‘Learning Lessons from Disasters’, 12 December 2013.
  • Interview regarding Blue Mountains Bushfires and NSW State of Emergency, Sky News,21 October 2013.
  • Interview regarding bush fire mitigation, Sky News, 14 October 2013.
  • In the Chair‘, Emergency Planning College (York, UK), 10 September 2013.
  • With Bergin, A ‘Recriminations follow natural disasters’ The Australian, 30 March 2012.
  • With Townsend, R ‘Resignation now could help O’Shane preserve a proud legacy’, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 February 2012.
  • Interview regarding legal issues arising out of the Canberra (2003) bushfires, The Law Report, ABC Radio National, 17 February 2009.
  • Interview regarding false calls to Queensland ambulance, QUT Radio 15 September 2008.
  • Interview regarding compulsory evacuation in Victoria, ABC Regional Radio, Statewide Drive a (Victoria),1 September 2008.

Online documents

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