Here’s a quick question, and a quick answer:

I am a paramedic in the private space (Events/Industrial etc).  And would like some advice on what skills we can perform outside a state service.  Are you able to advise on these, either in the blog or paid for.

Paramedicine is an unregulated industry.  You can do whatever you are competent to do.  The only restrictions involves scheduled drugs and that depends on the authority granted to you or your employer.    If the quality of treatment isn’t ‘reasonable’ or if the treatment isn’t ‘reasonably required in the circumstances’ there may be liability in negligence but there is no law that says what paramedics may or may not do; and in states other than South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales, there is no law on who is a ‘paramedic’.

As noted in the ‘about’ page ( ‘This is not a place for providing specific legal advice…’ so that is a general proposition.  If you do want advice on what particular paramedics, with particular skills sets can do when working for a particular provider with reference to their training documents and authorities, then that is advice you have to pay for.   Always happy to discuss that too.